How are Ownership Documents and titles transferred for California residents buying in California?

California residents buying a vehicle in California will pay an 8.75% in state sales tax, which you won’t have to pay again when you register the vehicle with the DMV.

Please note: If you’re a California resident buying a vehicle from another state, you won’t have to pay any additional sales tax at the time of purchase.

What kind of ownership documents will I get?

Since California purchases are completed through an affiliated dealer/dismantler, they will process your paperwork. Instead of a title, you’ll receive an Acquisition Bill of Sale. This is also known as a REG 262, which may be able to be changed to a salvage title when you register with the California DMV. Keep in mind, you’ll have to make all the necessary repairs and go through the DMV inspection process to register the vehicle as a salvage title. This doesn’t apply if you’re purchasing a vehicle from out of state.

If the vehicle has a Non-Repairable California title, you can’t register it at all as a California resident. You can still purchase the vehicle, but you’ll receive a non-repairable title and the Reg 262 form with no acquisition number.

What about shipping?

If the vehicle You purchase is located in the same state as your address in our membership records, you will be automatically enrolled in AutoBidMaster Home Delivery. With AutoBidMaster Home Delivery, AutoBidMaster or an AutoBidMaster affiliated entity will deliver the purchase to you, for an additional fee. All purchases from in-state auctions require AutoBidMaster Home Delivery.

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