Can you tell me more about this vehicle?

The “Lot Details” section of the lot page will disclose all the information we have on a vehicle.


We encourage all potential bidders to learn as much about the vehicle as possible. Members should do their research prior to bidding. Below is a list of tools any member can use to inspect a vehicle before choosing to bid:

  • AutoBidMaster has partnered with ClearVin to provide easy to understand vehicle history reports for any vehicle. Look for the "Get History Report" button next to the VIN on any lot page.
  • Members can visit any Copart facility in the US or Canada.
    How to inspect a vehicle at auction:
  • Activate account: ensure you have ID, advanced or premium membership and a deposit to establish bidder number
  • Contact our office with the lot number you wish to inspect
  • Our specialists will contact the yard via email and provide your bidder credentials to the yard with permission for you to inspect
  • Arrive and paid guest charge $25 if requested

Vest is required, bring with or purchase at yard ($5).

Most yards are open for inspection with exception of live auction days, please check with location if they have specific visitation days.

  • Hire a 3rd party inspector to perform the inspection.

Any information regarding this vehicle is provided by the seller or Copart and is for convenience only. AutoBidMaster expressly disclaims the accuracy of the vehicle information on this page including damage details, odometer readings and vehicle identification numbers (VIN).

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