Can I inspect a vehicle I’m interested in person?

AutoBidMaster members can visit any of the auction yards in the US or Canada. Vehicle inspection is available until one hour before the Live Auction starts.

Items needed for entry:

  • Valid government issued photo ID
  • Member number or Bidder number (You may be required to register with the auction also)*
  • AutoBidMaster Account Login & Password
  • Inspection is available only for Advanced and Premium Members. All other members waive the right to inspect and accept the vehicle in its “as is” condition, as provided in the Terms and Conditions.
  • $25 Entrance Fee

The address and directions to the auction yard, where the vehicle is located, can be found by clicking on  “Location” in the Sales Information section of the lot page.

To Complete Self Check-in:

  • Self Check-in is completed by QR code or by visiting this web page: Self Service Kiosk (copart.com)
  • Fill in the form with State and Location information from the drop-down menu.
  • Then identify yourself and the reason for your visit by selecting the options in the drop-down menu.
  • Add your cell number to complete the request. You will be sent a text message with an appointment to enter the building and alerted when it is your turn to enter.
  • Proceed to the counter, pay your yard visit fees, and sign the Check-In form. Done! 
  • Some of Copart facilities may require to have Basic account with Copart along with AutoBidMaster to inspect the vehicle at yard.

*Member number or Bidder number (You may be required to register with the auction also) – you will be assigned a Member or Bidder number once you place a security deposit of $600.  


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