Can I inspect a vehicle I’m interested in person?

AutoBidMaster members can visit any of the auction yards in the US or Canada.

How to inspect a vehicle at auction:

  • Activate account: ensure you have ID, advanced or premium membership and a deposit to establish bidder number
  • Contact our office with the lot number you wish to inspect
  • Our senior team will then provide the location with your bidder credentials authorization to inspect
  • Arrive. Visit fee is typically $25, Vest is required, if you do not have one, you may purchase one at the yard most commonly for $5

The address and directions to the auction yard, where the vehicle is located, can be found by clicking on  “Location” in the Sales Information section of the lot page.

Most yards are open for inspection with exception of live auction days, please check with location if they have specific visitation days.

Member number or Bidder number (You may be required to register with the auction also) – you will be assigned a Member or Bidder number once you place a security deposit of $600. 

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