Why am I being charged a storage fee?

It is auction yard policy to charge storage fees 2-3 days from auction end (day of the sale is included). It is important to book shipping as soon as possible. We cannot commit to an available driver until the vehicle and shipping is paid in full.

If any storage is accrued on your AutoBidMaster account, you have the option to pay it via Credit Card from your AutoBidMaster profile.

We do not cover storage fees from the auction, however our average pick-up time is 3-5 business days after the payment for the shipping is received and provided that your vehicle invoice is also paid for. We will do our best to pick up the vehicle as soon as possible in order to avoid/decrease storage fees.

The payment for shipping must be received by 3pm PST. If received after 3pm PST, it will be considered paid on the following business day.

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