What fees must I pay in addition to the final price of the vehicle?

In addition to the final price of the vehicle, the buyer will be responsible for paying:

- AutoBidMaster Transaction Fee
- Copart Auction Fee
- Documentation Fee
Payment must be received promptly by 5pm the following business day. If payment is late the buyer will incur a $50 per day late payment fee.

You will be charged Storage Fees if your vehicle is not picked up on time.

If any vehicle you purchase using AutoBidMaster's Services is not removed (see Vehicle Pick Up Rules & Policies) from the Copart facility (or other location where your vehicle is awaiting pickup) ("Facility") within the time limit set by that Facility, you must pay vehicle storage fees ("Storage Fees") to AutoBidMaster. The number of days you have before you begin incurring fees (3-5 days after the auction), and the amount of those fees (up to forty dollars ($40) per day), will vary based on each Facility’s policies. It is your responsibility to review the Facility’s Storage Fees prior to bidding on any vehicle.
You will not be charged any Storage Fees after your vehicle is declared abandoned (see Vehicle Pick Up Rules & Policies).

For a complete list of fees please visit our Rules and Policies page.

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