How much does it cost to join?

There is no registration fee required to try out AutoBidMaster with our Basic Membership. We do require a refundable security deposit of $600 minimum to begin bidding. A Basic Membership allows you to have one active preliminary bid at a time and make one vehicle purchase. If you would like to purchase another vehicle, you will need to upgrade to an Advanced or Premium membership.

A one year Advanced Membership is only $199 and allows you to purchase as many cars as you like during the year. It also provides you with 5 free vehicle history reports and discounted transaction fees.

Our Premium Membership is only $349 and offers higher discounts on transaction fees, as well as 10 ClearVin credits and other benefits.

Your Buyer Power sets how much you can bid regardless of membership level. Your security deposit is 10% of your Buyer Power. For example, a $600 security deposit = $6,000 Buyer Power.



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