Live bidding for Basic Members


As a Basic member, you can now bid directly in live auctions from the lot page, a feature exclusive to users in the USA and Canada. This is made possible by a new live auction widget added to the lot page, focusing your bidding on the currently viewed lot. This prevents bidding on other lots or joining different auctions.


The widget is accessible once you agree to the auction rules, allowing you to bid on the vehicle shown on the lot page. This update is designed to make your auction experience more intuitive and user-friendly, keeping you actively involved in the auctions you care about, right from the lot page.


Key features include:

  • A countdown timer that tells you when your vehicle will be up for auction.
  • A message for assistance if your item isn't found.
  • Notifications if your item is sold or when it's up for bidding.
  • Alerts when your item is next in line for auction.

These updates will be displayed in the Bid Information block, which becomes visible during live auctions.

Basic membership only allows live auctions for the current vehicle lot. To access all live auctions, you need an Advanced Membership.



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