Why cannot I place a bid?

To start bidding, the following is required:

  • Upload a valid government issued ID.

If there is no uploaded ID, member will get an error message while bidding.
How do I upload my government issued photo ID?

  • Meet a minimum Security Deposit of $600.

A $600 Security Deposit is reserved for (1) active bid only. If you are planning to bid on (2) items, the required deposit is $1,200 or 10% of the intended bid amount for each.

  • Upgrade membership package.
  • If you would like to bid over $2000 you will need to upgrade your membership to Basic, Advanced or Premium.
  • Basic membership will allow you to buy just 1 vehicle up to $3500.
  • Advanced and Premium memberships will give you an opportunity to purchase more than 1 vehicle, bid higher than $3500 and participate in Live Bidding.


Tips for Live bidding. Every lot has an item and lane number on the listing page. Once you join the Live Auction, please make sure right lot is on the Live block.
If you are planning to bid during the Live Auction, please do not submit a preliminary bid, as it will hold your Buyer Power.

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