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So, you won an auction on AutoBidMaster and are now the owner of a salvage car. What’s next? Vehicle shipping can become a real challenge both for expert and inexperienced car owners. You need to research so many new things, such as how to order vehicle delivery, how fees are calculated, what the estimated delivery time is, and much more. 

As a salvage car owner, you will definitely need some help, and here we are — sharing tips for vehicle shipping across the USA via the ABM auto auction marketplace. 

Salvage for the mainland

All vehicles won through ABM auction can be delivered anywhere across the USA with the help of’s shipping service. This is a simple solution we utilize to make USA ground shipping easy and fast. 

Don’t forget about the pick-up time, which takes about 3-5 days. This is important because you’ll have to pay storage fees if you don’t order shipping ASAP after the purchase is finalized. The vehicle and shipping order should be paid in full, and only after that, EasyHaul will locate a driver for you. 

As soon as the delivery starts, you can track the shipping status of your order online. EasyHaul also provides real-time shipping updates via text message. Options like these make the delivery process clear and give you an opportunity to plan for the vehicle’s delivery.

Currently, delivery times vary due to many factors as a result of the global pandemic. 


Alaska / Hawaii shipping

You can save on hundreds in additional fees and charges, by making sure the vehicle you buy can run and drive. Here are some points to note when shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii. 


  • The connecting mainland ports for Hawaii are San Diego and Los Angeles.
  • Port to port the sailing time is about 7-10 days.
  • Loading at either port is approximately 10-12 business days.
  • Vehicle must be located on Oahu (otherwise an additional freight charge will apply).


**Please note:  Shipments to this port have been temporarily suspended for well over a year. When this changes we will update the information here. 



Sadly, there has been a lot of issues in global shipping since the start of the worldwide pandemic. Port congestion, container storage, and a worker shortage which led to numerous facilities shutting down.

In a normal environment, it would simply depend on distance and routing of your destination. Generally, international shipping can take anywhere from around 4-6 weeks.  Under current circumstances, the timeframe is roughly 8-12 weeks from time of pick-up, depending on the vehicle location in the US and the destination port in your country. 

*Remember, issues with documents will add time. 

When shipping with us, you will be able to track your shipping status online, receive email updates, and you can add your cell phone to get real-time updates via SMS notifications. We will keep you updated every step of the way!


So, go ahead, order shipping for your vehicle, and rush your salvage car along a highway to you!


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