Do you cover storage fees?

Yes, however our average pick up time is 1-5 business days after the paid invoice for the vehicle and payment for shipping is received. The vehicle invoice and payment for shipping must be received by 3pm PST. If received after 3pm PST, they will be considered as effective the following business day.

How much do you reimburse?
We reimburse storage fees up to $20 per business day after the 5th business day, through the day the vehicle is picked up from the auction. If storage fees are less than $20 per day, we reimburse the amount you were charged and all we need is a copy of your receipt with storage dates. If your shipping order is cancelled for any reason, we do not offer storage reimbursement. Inoperable, highly damaged, oversized vehicles, and watercraft are not subject for storage reimbursement. Auction storage fees reimbursement is not applicable if the delay was caused due to weather conditions (including but not limited to tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods) or Force Majeure.
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