How much does it cost to export?

You will find a section labeled “Location & Shipping” on every lot page. This will estimate shipping to the address on file (see shipping calculator here: Shipping Services - Ship your vehicles through AutoBidMaster’s preferred vendors).

If you would like to change the destination shipping address, click on the “Shipping To” entry and change the country, destination and port. If your country or port is not listed, please contact us by email at: export@autobidmaster.com, and we will respond with a shipping quote to your destination.

What does my shipping cost include?

Our shipping price covers all shipping related costs for your vehicle:

  • Pick up from an auction or a residence
  • Delivery to warehouse/port
  • Loading in/on a container/vessel
  • US customs clearance
  • Ocean freight

Our fee does not cover:

  • Driver wait time fees
  • Auction storage fees or fees from storage facility/yard
  • Special auction loading (for oversize items)
  • Destination customs or duty fees
  • Hybrid/Electric vehicle surcharges/fees.

*If you purchase a vehicle with not valid documents for export, we will help to obtain additional documents or new title for extra cost ($50-$650 + depending on the vehicle documents available).

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