What is the best place to buy cars in the US to ship internationally?

If you’re planning on buying a car in the USA and then ship it overseas, we would recommend bidding on a vehicle which is located near a warehouse/port.

If you are looking to ship to EU & Africa

Choose locations on the east coast as it’s cheaper & you will have an experience of a faster loading process:

  • New Jersey
  • Savannah
  • Norfolk
  • Miami


If shipping to Australia, Korea

Look at the west coast auction locations for the same reason (cheaper & faster):

  • California
  • Seattle


For Latin America

The east coast will be the best option, choose a vehicle located near ports:

  • DE
  • TX
  • FL


There are states with required licenses

AL, MI, WI - not all the people have access there so prices are lower, we can help you to buy from these states and this is out benefit.

We can still offer the shipping from the different loading facilities over the USA:

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Miami, Florida
  • Houston, Texas
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Illinois, Chicago
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Kapolei, Hawaii
  • Anchorage, Alaska


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