What is the best place to buy cars in the US to ship internationally?

If you’re planning on buying a car in the USA and then ship it overseas, we would recommend bidding on a vehicle which is located near a warehouse/port.

If you are looking to ship to EU & Africa

Choose locations on the east coast as it’s cheaper & you will have an experience of a faster loading process:

  • New Jersey
  • Savannah
  • Norfolk
  • Miami


If shipping to Australia, Korea

Look at the west coast auction locations for the same reason (cheaper & faster):

  • California
  • Seattle


For Latin America

The east coast will be the best option, choose a vehicle located near ports:

  • DE
  • TX
  • FL


If you are located in a state that will not allow you to buy a car via our services, we may be able to assist you with purchasing and shipping a vehicle from a different state.


NOTE Marked red - currently under limited capability.

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