What is a Live Auction?

Every auction has two phases Preliminary Bidding and Live Auction. When Copart receives a new vehicle, the vehicle is assigned a sale date and enters Preliminary Bidding. When the sale date is reached the Live Auction begins that day. Live auctions move very quickly and typically have a length of only few minutes.

"Advanced" or "Premium" Members, may join a Live Auction from the "Vehicle Finder" or by clicking the Join Live Auction button, located in the "Bid Information" section of the lot page.

Basic members must upgrade their membership to join a live auction.

Please Note: Regardless of where the bidder is located, they will be using AutoBidMaster's service to bid in the live auction. AutoBidMaster is registered as doing business in the State of Oregon, therefore their bidding in the live auction will be shown as originating from the State of Oregon.


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