Can I cancel or lower my bid?

You cannot cancel or lower your bid. All bids are binding and final.

Once a bid is submitted and accepted, the bidder must pay the amount of any bid (plus all applicable fees) that they submitted. This includes all bids placed during the Preliminary Bidding and the Live Auction and applies regardless of how or where the bid is placed.

Please Note Mistyped bid options is available during preliminary bidding, this allows to lower your maximum bid if mistyped to the amount of the current bid.

Can I cancel or lower my offer?

You cannot cancel or lower your offer. Once an offer is made, it cannot be retracted or canceled. If your offer is accepted, you will be contractually bound to purchase the vehicle for your offer price plus any applicable auction and AutoBidMaster fees.

A seller may also counter-offer, in this case you can:

  • accept their counter offer
  • submit your own counter offer, above the original one placed
  • stay with your offer

If a seller does not accept your offer within 48 business hours after the day you placed it, you don’t have to pay.

Please Note Vehicle running through live auction does not cancel the offer, you are bound to it during the 48 business hours after the day it was placed.

I was the winner for the “On Minimum Bid” auction, but the seller minimum wasn’t reached. Can I cancel?

Only the seller can reject or accept the final bid.

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