Can I inspect a vehicle I'm interested in in person?

AutoBidMaster members can visit any of the auction yards in the US or Canada. Vehicle inspection is available until one hour before the Live Auction starts.

Items needed for entry:

- Valid government issued photo ID
- Member number or Bidder number (You may be required to register with the auction also)
- AutoBidMaster Account Login & Password
- $25 Entrance Fee

The address and directions to the auction yard, where the vehicle is located, can be found by clicking on  “Location” in the Sales Information section of the lot page.

To Complete Self Check-in:

At the Bidding Kiosk select Option 4 from the Main Menu: Reseller (Broker) Bidder Check-In
Enter your Bidder Number and AutoBidMaster password.
Once you're successfully signed in, you'll be asked to enter the number of guests you brought with you to the auction yard. The number of guests does not include the bidder completing check-in. The charge for each guest is $25.
If you've completed Check-In successfully you'll receive the following message: Your Reseller Bidder Check-in was successful. Please go to the counter to request receipts, pay fees, and sign the Check-in form.
Proceed to the counter, pay your yard visit fees, and sign the Check-In form. Done! You'll be given three attempts to check-in. If all attempts are unsuccessful, you'll need to restart the check-in process. If you have difficulty checking in, please see an auction yard employee or give us a call and we'll assist you.

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