Do you offer international shipping? is an independent company offering AutoBidMaster members a simple shipping solution. Shipping your car internationally has never been easier!

  1. Have you won at the auction? You can order shipping by clicking the “Place Order” button on the “Lots Won” tab on the ”Bid Status”<link to bid status page> page. – CTA should be “Book Shipping”
  2. Choose the port of delivery.
  3. Have special delivery needs? Not a problem, just include any special requests with your shipping order.
  4. Once you’ve paid for the vehicle and booked shipping, you will receive status updates on your vehicle throughout the shipping process.


If you plan to export a regular passenger car, then you must make sure the vehicle comes with proper documents. You cannot export if in the Documents section you read:  BOS / BILL OF SALE / LIEN / PARTS / JUNK / SCRAP.

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